Seeking answers – pt.6

I didn’t get my first solid lead on Stanislaw until a week after I’d returned to Los Angeles. By this time I’d been able to narrow down his parents name and that of his wife. Where I was unable to find any pertinent information regarding Stanislaw, his mother, or his wife; his father was a different story.

The most important discovery about his father, Edward Kubalski, was that from 1939 – 1945 he’d kept a journal documenting the Nazi occupation of Kraków. His was a daily in-depth account of life in Nazi occupied Poland. The journal, titled ‘Niemcy w Krakowie’, was Edited by Ottawa University History Professor and 2014 Yad Vashem International book award winner, Jan Grabowski. It was published in Polish by the Austeria Publishing house.


Mr. Kubalski’s biography listed on the Austeria website stated he was, “the longtime secretary of Kraków, was an active participant in the cultural and social life. He was co-organizer and president of the Falcon, president of the Kraków chamber of hardwares, and the Society of officials urban. He was a great lover of theatre, music, and above all Kraków.”

I purchased the journal and every free moment over the next few days was tirelessly spent translating each entry from Polish to English. I was fascinated by the words Kubalski wrote and every new page was met with anticipation and hope that I would find a mention of Stanislaw. As I translated I also contacted Auschwitz for copies of any paperwork they had in regards to Stanislaw and emailed Professor Grabowski. It would be weeks before I would hear from Auschwitz but Professor Grabowski was surprisingly quick in his response and extremely encouraging of my research. Professor Grabowski kindly made himself available to answer what questions he could and, to my great joy, through email introduced me to Stanislaw’s last immediate relative— his daughter. Her name was Marta and she lived in Warsaw.

To be continued

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