A father’s journal – pt.7

While I impatiently waited for Marta’s response I continued to consume every word in the Journal. This was an account of an impersonal nature where Edward Kubalski speaks of food rations, curfews, and round-ups. He says,

Men are afraid of arrests. They will not sleep at home and sometimes sleep in the office. In almost every family there has been some grief or tragedy. Someone nearest disappeared was imprisoned, killed, or exiled. There are always nerves and anticipation over the continuing terror.

He never writes of his family, aside from Stanislaw, but during the five year occupation he is mentioned only a handful of times. Mr. Kubalski never refers to him by name, only as “my son”.

The first entry was written on August 24th, 1939, a week before Germany invaded Poland,

“On Friday Kraków is under the sign of Mars. Military uniforms are the dominant method of dress. My son, a Lieutenant in the artillery, went already to his assigned destination.”

There will not be another reference to Stanislaw until September 26th, 1939, after Poland had fallen to the German forces,

My son is in captivity where, after being surrounded, his division surrendered. The mass of prisoners were sent to the barracks at Mazowiecka where a crowd of officers fill the courtyard. Here our ladies have brought them food and clothing. It is gray and sad, rainy weather.”

For four weeks Stanislaw is held at the Mazowiecka POW camp. Then, on October 26th, 1939 Edward Kubalski wrote simply,

Today my son returned from captivity.”


Stanislaw as pictured in his Father’s journal.

To be continued…

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