The story unfolds- pt.8

From 1940 – 1942 Edward Kubalski does not mention Stanislaw but based on the photographs that accompanied the journal, and were credited to Stanislaw, while Edward Kubalski kept track of events in his journal, Stanislaw was also documenting the Nazi occupation of Krakow with his camera. He took pictures of Polish food lines, Nazi propaganda, of structural damage from the war, and the destruction of Polish monuments. His father stated in his journal that,

It is important for the world to know what the Nazi’s did in Poland. They did not just murder Poles; they sought to erase our entire history and culture.”


What I was able to find from the dates listed on genealogical websites was during this time Stanislaw would get married in 1940 and have a child, Marta, in 1941. However, on April 16th, 1942 the Kubalski family’s life would be irreparably changed. His Father wrote,

There was a manhunt at the Artists Cafe where all the men were taken away. This was the beginning of the raids that took place on the night of the 16th to 17th. Arrested were mostly reserve officers (including my son). To the flat came six Gestapo, one with a drawn gun. They took him away in their car.”

This would be the last time his family would ever see him.

I tirelessly searched for more information regarding the raid and, while I never found any mention of Stanislaw’s involvement aside from his father’s journal, through the account of other prisoners taken during the chaos I was able to piece the events together.

The raid began in the early afternoon of April 16th, 1942. This was done in retaliation after the body of an SS officer was found by the Vistula River. Those first captured consisted of a group who were present at the Don Plaszyow “Artists Cafe”. Here Polish musicians were to have been able to perform for Polish audiences though it was heavily censored by the Nazis. Throughout the night the focus of the hunt would turn to polish army reserve officers.

To be continued…

All pictures taken by Stanislaw Antoni Kubalski

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