Terror in the streets – pt.9

After the raid the prisoners were sent to Krakow’s Montelupich Prison. Named for the street on which it sits, Montelupich Prison to this day is recognized as one of the most terrible Nazi prisons in all of occupied Poland.


Montelupich Prison today.


Krakau, Gefängnis Montelupich, Häftling

Polish political prisoners at Montelupich Prison in 1939 after the German invasion of Poland.


About this Edward Kubalski wrote,

“Montelupich Prison had reportedly been emptied but on this night it filled completely. They talk about a figure of 800 – 1600 people. Throughout the city is commotion.”

For eight days the prisoners were held at Montelupich Prison until they were deported to Auschwitz on April 24th, 1942. Two days later on April 26th Kubalski, seemingly unaware of Stanislaw’s fate reports,

In a small chamber at Montelupich Prison there are 27 prisoners, including my son, the youngest is 17 and the oldest is 83. They are mostly from areas of intelligence.”

Then, on April 27th, 1942 came the chilling words,

Our prisoners are sitting and arrests continue. As long as they have not been sent to the known mortuary Auschwitz.”

May 1st, 1942 all illusions of hope are shattered,

It seems the prisoners have already been deported to the Auschwitz camp.

Stanislaw is never mentioned again.


To be continued…

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia




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