A kind response – pt.13

It was three in the morning when my cell phone vibrated against my nightstand, alerting me to an incoming email. The noise pulled me from a sound sleep and I groggily reached over and glanced at my phone. The name flashing across the screen had me sitting straight up in bed. It was Stanislaw’s daughter, Marta. It had been so long since Professor Grabowski had emailed her that I’d given up hope she would respond.

She was kind in her response and open to answering what questions I had. As she doesn’t speak English she advised her Cousin would be serving as translator. Though our communication was very slow due to the translation process through the correspondences we would share, I learned much about who Stanislaw was as a person. I learned who the man was outside of the death camp. However, learning of the promising life that had been stolen from him, at times, was often more difficult than knowing how his life ended.


To be continued…

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