A man’s life in pictures – pt.16

Marta would send me pictures of a young Stanislaw wearing his bow tie in a college portrait and in his room surrounded by his art. He was dressed in his military uniform in cadet school and later laughing at parties with his future wife. I would see him playfully mugging for the camera, with his family at his home in Kraków, and of him reverently holding his daughter.

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Auschwitz Block 18A – pt.15

What Marta was able to tell me about Stanislaw’s arrest and time at Auschwitz was, 

During a meeting of the members of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers all men were arrested. The Germans had a list of members present at the meeting. My father was a member of the Association but was not at this meeting. A German officer came to our home on April 16th, 1942 between 11 and 12 oclock at night to arrest him. The next day a German officer would come to our home with an order that my mother and I must leave Kraków immediately. From there we travelled to Zassow, to live at her parents estate.

While at Auschwitz he was in block 18A. This is known from an envelope addressed by Edward Kubalski to Stanislaw. The letter was written in German by Stanislaw’s mother for his birthday on the 2nd of June.

Though there were many rules applied to the process, Auschwitz prisoners were allowed to send and receive two letters a month. Sadly, the letter written by Edward Kubalski would never reach Stanislaw because he had already been executed on May 27th, 1942. Three days before his 33rd birthday.

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Life before the death camp – pt.14

Born in 1907 to an affluent family, Stanislaw lived in Poland until the outbreak of World War One in 1914. He was then sent to live with Edward Kubalski’s mother in Saratov, Russia and attended a Polish Language School for those displaced by the war. Once the war ended he returned to Krakow where he continued his studies, graduated from secondary school in 1926, went to military cadet school, and then studied Architecture at the Prestigious Polytechnic in Lvov. Upon receiving his degree in Architecture he returned to Kraków and began work at the Magistry of Construction.

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