Life before the death camp – pt.14

Born in 1907 to an affluent family, Stanislaw lived in Poland until the outbreak of World War One in 1914. He was then sent to live with Edward Kubalski’s mother in Saratov, Russia and attended a Polish Language School for those displaced by the war. Once the war ended he returned to Krakow where he continued his studies, graduated from secondary school in 1926, went to military cadet school, and then studied Architecture at the Prestigious Polytechnic in Lvov. Upon receiving his degree in Architecture he returned to Kraków and began work at the Magistry of Construction.

In her description of her Father, Marta said,

He had a great sense of humor. He was amusing. He liked telling jokes and playing tricks. He was the life and the soul of the party. He was extremely gregarious and had great raconteur. He was full of life and was liked by everybody.

He was very fond of animals. As a school boy he would wander around Kraków collecting hedgehog, newts, tadpoles, and frogs. With the other boys he collected grass snakes and they organized grass snake races.

When he was older he traveled the Scandinavian countries and was a ski instructor. He was also interested in gliding. He met my mother, an acquaintance of his sister, in 1937 when he chaperoned his sister on a school trip to Denmark. The top section of the Villa we lived in was a wedding present from my mother’s cousin.”

His wife would survive the war, remarry in 1945, and have more children. She passed away in 2009.

To be continued…

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