But WHY they ask me – pt.17

When I discuss Stanislaw I’m always asked, “Why are you so interested in him? What did he do that’s so special?” I’d asked myself similar questions a million times and, even though I may never know why I feel so drawn to Stanislaw, what I have concluded is that compassion does not need a “why” and acknowledgement of their suffering is the least of what we owe each and every person who was persecuted.

So, my response to these questions is simply, “Why not him?” No, he wasn’t an Oskar Schindler who saved hundreds of Jews or a Claus Van Stauffenberg who attempted to assassinate Hitler. What he was though, was an innocent victim the world forgot. He was a man that we carelessly let slip through the cracks of time, who we unjustly labeled an “other” in the annals of Holocaust history as though his death was less tragic because he was not Jewish.

This is my small attempt to change that, my way of reminding the world about Stanislaw Antoni Kubalski, the Architect… My hope for Stanislaw is not for him to be remembered as just an anonymous picture on a wall in a death camp, reduced to a number the Nazi’s forced upon him. No, that is exactly what the Nazi’s wanted. Instead, I want him to be remembered for how he lived. I want him remembered as a proud Polish man who fought hard for his country, who was a brave prisoner of war long before a prisoner of Auschwitz. He was a man who had a passion for education, the arts, and traveling the world. He had a bright future ahead of him, a family who loved him and, most importantly, a child who would never know him.


Stanislaw and his daughter – 1941

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