The Architect and I… What starts with the discovery of a story-less photograph on a wall at Auschwitz will turn into a journey through the darkest recesses of human cruelty and suffering, while the life of a forgotten man is uncovered. ‘The Architect and I’ is a true story written by Jennifer-Lynne Brack.

Jennifer-Lynne Brack is a Los Angeles resident. She is a writer with a focus on World War Two history and the founder of ‘Lessons of the Past’. Lessons of the Past is an organization dedicated to preserving the memory of those persecuted during the Holocaust through educational events and outreach.
Pictured: Jennifer-Lynne Brack and Auschwitz survivor Mary Bauer during an interview at Lessons of the Past’s event ‘An Evening with an Auschwitz survivor’ held on Saturday February 25th, 2017 in Los Angles, California.

Picture courtesy of John Coupe.